Monday, March 1

Two things

1) Would you do this? I just don't think I could. *1:30pm update : reader Wes pointed out that he thinks there should be a don't read at work disclaimer on this link. He is probably right. Disclaimer: This link is to a news story featuring (artistic) nudity!!


2) Inflatable beavers, giant flying moose, fur trappers, lumber jacks, dancing maple leaves and Michael Buble singing on top of a giant mountie hat!?!?! Canada, that was awe (wait for it) some.

In case you missed it, here are some pictures of last night's closing ceremonies:

(Please pardon the quality, these are pictures of my TV!)


  1. Not all of us are on a personal computer at home. Please include a disclaimer after links of that nature next time.

  2. What are you doing reading blogs at work!?! :) See disclaimer above.

  3. Definitely better than the automatons in sync at the last summer olympics in China. Really fun to watch.