Wednesday, March 10

Rainy day

What a gloomy day! All this rain makes me feel like I'm part of an Ashcan School painting.

Wet Night on the Bowery
by John Sloan, 1911
Delaware Art Museum

The "Ashcan School" was a group of eight American painters in the early 20th century that sought to portray life in an emotionally realistic way- with a gritty urban setting. American realist John Henri was their leader.

Snow in New York
by Robert Henri, 1902
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

Typical subject matter included gritty scenes of poverty or bleak urban areas. Their work has also been referred to as "New York Realism."

I think this one is exquisite:

Six O'Clock, Winter
by John Sloan, 1912
The Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C.


  1. Love Six O'Clock, Winter. The train and lamp posts against the dusk sky are gorgeous. Good post!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I love John Sloan's stuff!