Sunday, February 28

What to wear?

I love, love, LOVE fashion and design. With that being said, it should be known that my taste in clothes can be pretty atypical. With my spring sorority formal approaching, I am already imagining what my dress for it will look like. It needs to be floor length and if I can have it my way it will be bursting with color. While this gown is beautiful and more than worthy of being worn by someone of Grace Kelly-caliber...

Madame X
by John Singer Sargent, c. 1880s
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

So beautiful! It's just not my style. If it wasn't somewhat socially reproachable, I would totally wear something like this to my black tie and gown event:

"Mondrian" Day Dress
by Yves Saint Laurent c. 1960s
Metropolitan Museum of Art

So fun! And SO 60s! I love it so much because of its quote to Piet Mondrian, a great dutch artist involved in the De Stijl movement around the eary 1900s.

Here's one of the paintings that Laurent was inspired by:

Composition with Yellow, Blue, and Red
by Piet Mondrian, c. 1930s
Tate Gallery, London

The dress here is one that I wore for a fraternity formal last year...

Thank you, Nicole Miller!

If you have any suggestions on what I could wear, I'm all ears!


  1. N thinks that picture looks like you have d├ęcolletage tattoos. I had to reassure her via text that you do not. ha!

  2. HAHA!! Nope, just stringy hair...