Thursday, February 18


I've been really into the Olympics this year. Luckily, my husband is just as excited about them as I am so he hasn't minded me being glued to the TV from 7-11 every night this week. Just in case you're curious... the US is leading in the medal count, with 14 total. 5 are gold. Yay!

All of the USA! chanting has had me thinking about this patriotic series of paintings by Boston born impressionist Frederick Childe Hassam. Childe Hassam (pronounced like "child") studied in both Boston and France before settling in New York City in 1889. He and his wife traveled to and from Europe on several occasions during the early 1900's but ended up back in his beloved Manhattan at the start of WWI. (1 & 2 ) In 1916, the fiercely patriotic German-hating painter began his famed "flag series." He painted a total of 30 flag paintings, all featuring New York City draped in red, white and blue.

Fourth of July, 1916
Metropolitan Museum of Art
(on loan from a private collector)

Allies Day, May 1917
National Gallery of Art
Washington, D.C.

Victory Day, May 1919
American Academy of Arts and Letters
New York, New York

The Met created an excellent website to accompany their huge 2004 exhibit of Hassam's work. The exhibit may be gone but their fabulous website dedicated to it is still up and it is definitely worth a look. Their interactive site for children is also wonderful. I don't have kids and I'm not a teacher but I can't get enough it!

1), Biography
2) Metropolitan Muesuem of Art, Childe Hassam's Life Chronology

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