Monday, February 8

You'd think the sewing machines are all named after him...

Why is it still so cold? At the rate this winter is going, I won't be getting to wear cute spring clothes until APRIL! Thanks, Punxsutawney Phil. One thing that would be cute for spring...

La Carmencita c. 1890
by John Singer Sargent
Musee d'Orsay, Paris

No, not the entire ensemble! John Singer Sargent's painting depicts the spanish gypsy dancer Carmencita in a traditional dress for her trade. While the skirt is a little much, isn't the wrap top so cute?

This would look chic with a pair of crisp white shorts and some dark brown leather sandals. Sigh...


  1. The dress JSS's Madame X is wearing in that beautiful painting in the Metropolitan appeals to me more than this one. Can you post it?

  2. I know the one you're referring to! The woman in the black gown looking off into the distance...I will post that soon.