Monday, June 14

Not Art (well...that depends)

This post is not about art, it is about home decorating. Of course, home decorating can definitely be art, depending who's doing it.

Take Dorothy Draper for example. The woman was without a doubt a brilliant artist. Her use of pattern, color and sculptural furniture will make you stop, stare, gasp, scratch your chin and shake your head in disbelief all at the same time. I'll confess that my reaction to seeing Draper's work in person was kind of similar to the reaction I had when I first saw Sistine Chapel. Amazement.

The Greenbrier
White Sulfer Springs, West Virginia

(Yes, I just compared Draper to Michelangelo and the Greenbrier to the Vatican. Shall I grab you a paper bag to breathe into?)

Now, let's get something straight before I get to the heart of this post. I am no Draper. My house is not art. Got that? Good.

So, my friend Catherine recently posted about making a skirted table for her office:

Catherine's Office

Isn't that the prettiest shade of green? It would be dangerous for me to work in this room. I would want guacamole all of time.

She was inspired by this lovely table she saw over at Little Green Notebook:

Jenny's perfectly balanced console table

She asked me to share a few pictures of my own no-sew skirted table project, which was thrown together in about an hour with some canvas, fabric glue and a good deal of inspiration from my friend Jennifer. It is not nearly as pretty as Jenny's or Jennifer's, but it gets the job done, hiding baskets of dish towels, candles and cocktail napkins.

Here is it is the day I made it, the silver mirror was temporary:

And here it is today. The faux bamboo mirror is much better and the peonies are from my yard:

See, I told you! It all depends on who's doing the designing. My apologies to my shelter blogging friends. I promise, I'll stick to what I know from now on. :)

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  1. I love the skirted table! With the bamboo mirror especially. Thanks so much for posting! I'll let you know how my project turns out... But now I'm dying to see the rest of your house :)