Thursday, June 24

Found on Etsy

I have a pretty big weakness when it comes to small, sweet watercolors. I could fill my whole house with them.

I also have a pretty big (okay, gigantic) weakness for all kinds of animals. So naturally, I am easy prey for shops like Eastwitching.

Get ready to say "awww."

Awww! How wonderful is that?! They are practically bouncing off the paper. I love the movement that the watermarks create. And those shadows are beautifully done, effortless really. They take the painting to the next level.

And these. Y'all know how much I love paintings of cows:

Awww (or should I say moo?).

And how handsome is he:

Awww. What a fabulous but regal bird, decked out head to toe in hot pink.

And even these lizards are cute!

And what's this, a rabbit in a tennis skirt?

Of course! And again with those beautiful shadows.

But here is the best part, the reason why Wales-based Eastwitching has me so spellbound:

She will paint a 8 x 10 watercolor portrait of your dog (or cat, or bunny) for $49.00!


Huckleberry the Basset, who turns six-years-old this July 12, is primping for his close up as we speak. He has requested that his handsome French mug be surrounded by a lots of those lovely little watermarks. Of course, I am more than happy to oblige and check into that for him.

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