Wednesday, June 23

Bad (but awesome) Craigslist Art

Just for kicks, I headed over to the arts and craft section of my local craigslist last night. (I know, exciting evening.)

Well... one thing let to another... and 10 minutes became an hour...and...well, let me just say that Craiglist never disappoints. Here are a few of my favs:

Laser Engraved Harry Houdini Wall Hanging - $250 (Advance)

"I have a Laser engraved wall hanging of Harry Houdini for sale. I made this for a customer that never paid for it . I am asking $250 OBO . If with in 50 miles i can deliver." listing

Honestly, why would anyone other than David Blaine commission this?

Can't decide between Neesie, Jaws or Godzilla for Halloween this year? Problem solved.

sea monster costume RAD- $100 (Red Hood)

"hand made paper mache sea monster/shark/godzilla costume....used for the Mermaid Parade and now want topass on this magicalness for a Halloween costume sure to scare little children. Asking $100 for the time and materials it took to make, but given its been used make an offer! Can deliver for an addition $10 otherwise pick up in Red Hook. (the "hair" in the back lays flat, it was just windy)" listing

Okay, this next one is weird. Not only is it weird because it is a 9 x 12 pencil drawing of "Chucky's Bride" but it appears to have been posted from inside of a prison.

Inmate Art for Bachelor Pad 35 for all or 20 each - $35 (Dallas)

"Will meet within reasonable distance. Will mail for 3.00. If you have a picture and would like the artist to draw it, that can be arranged as well. Will be great for a bachelor pad. " listing

His Snoop Dog portraits aren't bad, actually. He also has pole dancer portraits available too, just in case you are in the market.

And this last one has to be my favorite, even though I have no idea who or what a "Brak" is. I wouldn't want it in my house but, you know, artistically speaking... it is pretty good. Plus the listing is hilarious.

Handpainted Cardboard Life-sized BRAK! - $55 (Acworth/Kennesaw)

"Super awesome life-sized rendering of Brak, from Cartoon Planet and the Brak show. Approximately 65" tall, including sousaphone? Tuba? Instrument of glory? Ex-boyfriend HAND-PAINTED this guy for my birthday, and he just needs a good, loving home. This thing is one of a kind (i know, i just googled it). I'm pretty sure you can't buy a Brak this big anywhere else. Don't miss out!" listing

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