Friday, December 25

Happy Birthday Jesus

Merry Christmas! Best wishes for a Christmas filled with love, time with family, and a remembrance of the birth of the Word made flesh today on this blessed day.

We also wish you safe travels and an overall safe Christmas. We hope that no one pulls a crazy-lady-in-red on you and knocks you down like that woman did the Pope! In case you missed it, here's a link to the madness that happened yesterday.

Madonna and Child, c. 1600s
Hearst Castle, California

Speaking of safe travels, I hope that all of your lovely Christmas cards made it on time to their destinations! I know our family's haven't...but maybe that's because it hasn't been written yet. Haha. Maybe some of you sent them with this accompanying postage stamp.

The painting is by this man:

Self-Portrait, c. 1600s
The Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

Giovanni Battista Salvi, better known as Sassoferrato, was born in 1609. To commemorate his birthday 400 years ago, the United Postal Service decided to use Madonna and Child as its Christmas emblem this year. Again, Merry Christmas! And let's not forget what Sassoferrato has unintentionally reminded us of today- that facial hair like that is no longer in style. Praise Jesus!

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