Thursday, December 17

Sedes Sapientiae!

What is sedes sapientiae, you say? It's latin for "Always wear underwear." NOT! Haha, That's semper ubi sub ubi. Sedes Sapientiae, for all of us that aren't dead language scholars, is latin for throne of wisdom.

The throne of wisdom is a devotional phrase that describes Mary and her role as a vessel for the Christ child. Physically her body, especially her lap, is a throne for Jesus. Seeing that Jesus is the living word of God, it makes sense that He would be referred to as "wisdom."

This sculpture representing the throne of wisdom is the earliest known sculpture of the Virgin Mary to date. It goes all the way back to 980 AD.

Golden Madonna of Essen, c. 980s
Artist: Mystery
Location: Mystery as far as I can find...

This wooden sculpture coated in gold leaf has been restored a number of times and has come close to collapsing into itself!

Here's a more...shall we say...modern version of Sedes Sapientiae:

Madonna of Bruges, c. 1501-04
Church of Our Lady, Bruges, Belgium

This beautiful sculpture has an interesting take on Mary's grasp on Jesus. She sits somewhat complacently as the baby Jesus begins to walk away from her. It is as if she is coming to terms with her Son's destiny.
...Boy oh boy have these two inspired a lot of artists! :)

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