Monday, April 12

Holy Dress!

Very good reader Wes. Even my resident historian didn't get it at first glance (I know, I was shocked too.) So, enjoy the next 24 seconds with my congratulations:

Since Wes didn't give it away totally I'll let the rest of you stew over my hint (and his comment) for one more day. Translation: that post isn't quite ready, sorry it was a busy, busy weekend.

Now, on a completely different topic. Don't you think this would be a great church dress?

Color Guard Dress by ModCloth

I do. I think you would really blend in if you wore it to Mass at Paris' Sainte Chappell:

Sainte Chappell
Building circa 1248
Image Courtesy of

I'm not kidding, you would practically melt away into the walls. The 13th century floor to ceiling stained glass windows cast colorful shadows in every direction. Walking through the front door of this high-gothic jewel box is like stepping into a gigantic kaleidoscope.

Sainte Chappell
Windows circa the 13th to the 15th centuries
Image courtesy of

You may not be quite as camouflaged by these modern beauties, created by the talented artists of Laws Stained Glass Studios in Statesville, NC. But, you would definitely coordinate!

New Corinth Baptist Church
Rutledge, TN

First Christian Church
Smithfield, NC

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