Thursday, April 1

I got nothin

Art is funny. Sometimes it jumps out and grabs you and sometimes, it doesn't. Right now, nothing is grabbing me. Nothing.

So, here are my top five favorite pieces by John Singer Sargent. Maybe if I stare at them long enough it will get the art juices flowing again. I can't rank them, that would be way too hard. So here they are in random order.

circa 1878, Oil
The Warner Collection of Gulf States Paper Corporation
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Because I would love to be the woman perched on the ledge--feet up, clapping and letting the southern Italian wind blow through my hair.

circa 1908, Oil
The Bill Gates Collection

Because their faces and robes are gorgeous. And when I say their I really mean "her." It's the same young woman (his niece) in 7 different poses. I know, (sigh), he was so talented.

Villa di Marlia (A Fountain, Lucca Italy)
circa 1910, Watercolor
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

I love the patina on terracota pots and I love the lemons too. I tried to copy this last year in my own garden. The lemon tree didn't make it but the pot is getting there.

Carnation, Lily, Lily Rose
c. 1885, Oil
The Tate Gallery, London

The way the lanterns glow makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I like how the little girl in the front is focusing on carefully lighting her's too. It's cute.

circa 1905, Watercolor
The Brooklyn Museum, New York

Because Sargent blue beats Titian blue any day of the week. (Yes, I know that some people may think that is crazy talk.)

So, I'll be back when something grabs me, or hits me, or speaks to me or whatever you want to call it. Jenny calls it "lack of inspiration." Maybe I've got a little case of that.

PS. Today is my wonderful husband's birthday. Here is his favorite piece of art:

Dogs Playing Poker by Cassius Coolidge
circa the early 1900's (yes, it really is that old!)

April Fools! He actually has really wonderful taste in art and he is a huge history nerd. Just two of the many reasons why I married him :) Happy Birthday A!

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