Tuesday, April 20


I'm back! After spending hour upon hour sitting in the airport waiting for the volcanic ash to clear I am finally back stateside.

You have probably been wondering where I've been! Well...

I spent the last week here. Swimming in ridiculously nice hotel pools.

Buying crepes from street vendors and drinking lots of wine.

Soaking in views of the Seine, taking pictures, navigating the metro and putting those nine painful years of French classes to work.

I went to Mass at Sacre-Coeur and spent a whole day in the Louvre. I even did some art shopping in Montmartre too. It was heavenly.

Cafe at Montmarte by Mary Lou Mack

Chestnut Tree by Cellia Saubry

Hommage a Toulouse Lautrec les jardins de la Butte
by Jean Prevos

Kidding! The only French thing in my life is asleep on the couch right now. Snoring, farting and occasionally wagging his tail.

It sure was a nice thought though. That swimming pool looks pretty good, doesn't it? Maybe when I win the lotto one day...

Non, non. I have been here in the good ol' US of A. Here, but really busy and feeling a bit uninspired. So, please pardon the lack of posts. I'll be back. I promise.

In the meantime...perhaps ma petite soeur will make a few more regular appearances.

Hint hint. :)

Pool courtesy of the Ritz Carlton, Paris
Café by Shawn Lipowsk
Art by Cellia Saubry and Jean Prevos via this lovely blog.
Other images unknown?!


  1. This post made my heart smile. I want to go to Paris! But thanks for hypothetically taking me there. One day, we will go!

  2. Thanks Katie! There are alot of amazing places in this world but there is just something about Paris. Forget work, let's go!

  3. I promise I will be posting this week! Mi scusi per favore!!