Monday, November 30

We said most...

I hate public art.

Exhibit A:

Furror by Thomas Sayer
Lynx Light Rail Station, Charlotte, NC

Horrible. They look like giant stale gingerbread cookies. Really, really expensive tax payer funded cookies.

Exhibit B:

Il Grande Disco, Arnaldo Pomodoro
Milan, Italy

Pomodoro did one of these for Charlotte in 1973. It sits in front of the Bank of America building in uptown. I've always thought it looks like the Death Star.

Death Star, George Lucas
A galaxy far, far away

See what I mean?

It used to rotate on an axis but the city saw lawsuit potential so they had it immobilized.

My wedding photographer loved to pose couples in front of this thing (I adamantly refused.) Apparently it is sexy and modern. I don't know about you, but I don't see anything about Il Disco that says "Just Married!"

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