Friday, November 20

We are not experts

We do not live in New York. We do not stand around at art gallery openings in black turtlenecks discussing the NYT style section and eating tiny feta cheese stuffed mushrooms. Neither of us has been on a gallery crawl and we don't own a collection of anything.

I just vacuumed my sofa and cleaned my basset hound’s ears while wearing a sports bra. I ate a brownie (okay 2 brownies...) over the sink. I’m listening to this. Now if that doesn’t confirm I am not some artsy fartsy academic I don’t know what does.

We are definitely not curator material, but we both love reading and writing about all types of art and the amazing (and often strange) people who create it. Our interests vary wildly:

From Derain

Mountains at Collioure c. 1905

to the Dutch Masters.

Jan Steen's Dissolute Household c. 1660's


Apollo and Daphne c. 1620's
Borghese Gallery, Rome

to Thomas Cole

The Oxbow c. 1836

...watercolor, architecture, installation, furniture, sculpture and jewelry. We heart (most) of it and we promise to keep you guessing as to what we are going to write about next. So please stop back by!

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