Saturday, August 21

Not Art (Technically) Fashion Blogger Wow

Victoria and Albert would totally lay a huge art smack down on me for saying that. Fashion is a decorative art. Thus, some of it is allowed on this blog... Je regrette V&A, heart y'all. :)

Jenny and I are really hearting Marisa Lynch of the blog New Dress A Day. She has given up shopping for an entire year (how!?!?!) and is making all of her clothes from stuff she finds at yard sales and thrift shops. And the coolest part is that she is doing it for only a $1.oo a day.

She isn't just taking something that is pretty wearable, adding a few buttons and bringing up the hem. She is buying totally unwearable things (think 10 sizes too big) and turning them into something completely fabulous. She keeps a hint of the original's style though, which we like alot.

Marisa's Super 80's Glam Before:

The 'I would totally buy that' after:

Me thinks she is pretty close to a book deal or a stint on Project Runway. Go check out New Dress A Day. You'll heart it.


  1. Glad you're back! Here's hoping Munc input increases.

  2. Thanks, glad to be back from my blogger vacation!