Thursday, August 19

Etsy's British Stepsister, DaWanda

I just met DaWanda and am intrigued.

DaWanda is a lot like Etsy. She isn't as pretty and she doesn't have as much to offer at the moment, but she has some potential. Take this for example:

Old Prague 2 by Maria Kitano

Really nice. So are these:

Like Etsy, it has the usual collection of handmade soaps, scarves and pillows. However, DaWanda's art offerings are not nearly as sophisticated. DaWanda seems to have a much higher population of weird sexy fairy art and I found myself digging a little bit more for the good stuff. And the fact that all of the prices are in British pounds is not a plus.

But one thing DaWanda does have that Etsy doesn't is Surrealerotik.

He is German and he sculpts shocking life-like "erotic fruit."

Surrealerotik knows he way around a bell pepper, that's for sure.

So, I think am going to bookmark DaWanda and peruse occasionally. I don't think she'll ever outshine Etsy but I am willing to give her a chance.

PS. If you want more Surrealerotik and you aren't at's his link.

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