Friday, October 29

Give it up for Thanksgiving

Two weeks ago I was standing in line at Walmart flipping through Star Magazine trying to tune out the Sunday afternoon shopping chaos when I had one of those "are you SERIOUS?" moments.

Eggnog. In the drink case. On October 16th.

I know everyone always complains about how early they put out the (insert holiday) stuff. So I won't bore you with the usual.

Instead, I think that we should all take a moment to give it up for the day we all say thanks. The day that all of the stores forgot. One of the best holiday's of the year... Thanksgiving! Move over Halloween, I've already got my eyes set on to Turkey Day.

1) Speaking of turkeys, they are very beautiful birds...

Feather 49 Turkey Feather
by Jody VanB

2) They are also very delicious.

Turkey Cookbook Page
Rendering by Samantha Beverly

There is actually a lot more to the above work by Samantha Beverly than meets the eye. Samantha describes herself as a "bibliophile." She finds the illustrations in cookbooks beautiful but doesn't have the heart to destroy the books by tearing out the pages. So, she draws copies like this turkey from the 1897 White House Cookbook. She explains it on her Etsy profile and writes more on her blog. She's a girl after my own heart. Go read her blog... after you finish reading this post, of course. :)

3) The strange urge to buy things like this are the reason I need to live in a giant lodge somewhere:

by Glass Awakening

3) Poor Dog Farm's Creatures in Hats watercolor series will make your day. Here's his turkey:

A Dapper Turkey by Poor Dog Farm

4) Gorgeous Indian Corn:

Autumn by Kevan Aponte

5) This bowl is stunning. It would be a crime to put anything in it.

Asheville, NC based OneClayBead

PS. $26.00. I know! She isn't charging enough.

6) I'm not Martha enough to use one of these. But they are a really crafty way to recycle an old serving piece so I thought I'd share:


Are you hungry yet?

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