Tuesday, July 13

That's All Folks!

You may have been wondering where I have been. I've been around, mostly here. Out of town some. Doing a little of this and that.

As you can probably tell from both the lack of posts and lack of interesting topics, I'm a little bored. You have probably also noticed that my posting partner has become more of a silent partner... She is around too, but mostly there rather than here.

So I am going say peace out y'all. I may be back. Jenny may be back. We'll play it by ear.

But before I leave, there are just a few more things to say...

1) This is my favorite painting. It doesn't match my personality or taste at all. But I have always loved it.

The Figure 5 in Gold
by Charles Demuth circa 1928

2) This is by Iain Faulkner:

(Self portrait, I believe...)

He is a brilliantly talented painter from Scotland. I stumbled upon his work one day while googling. He is a modern day Edward Hopper.

I just felt like you should know who he is.

3) Art should make you smile.

Ron Krajewski

Thank you so much for reading (really). Thank you.

Until next time... :)


  1. I totally did read this and did not get that you were signing off for a while. I thought you were just having an uninspirational week. Sad!

  2. I wish you wouldn't quit--it makes me sad.