Thursday, January 21

We said most...

Do you remember several years ago when it seemed like everyone was having those elaborate murals painted on the walls and ceilings of their kid's rooms? Clouds were really big:

Well, I am really glad that trend has run out of gas because there are some bad murals out there:

Why make your perfectly good house
look like it has holes in the roof?



Four words: Lord of the Rings

(please note that Goofy is holding onto God's shoulder)

The miserable economy can't possibly be good for mural artists (even really great ones) and I have noticed more and more people are turning to a newer, cheaper form of wall decor-- vinyl decals.

I would like to officially go on record as a hater. I figure that we have a bunch of fatheads to thank for this. As far as I can tell, they started this with their colorful line of man room decor:

War Eagle and everything, but I will never
have one of these in my house. Sorry honey.

Kid Rock can chill like Flynt in your living room!

Recently, Fathead expanded their line to include fine art. And while I am all for posters of great works of art (I own several), there is just something wrong about a peel and stick Caravaggio:

These things are everywhere. I am seeing them all over magazines, in boutiques and I even saw a few in Homegoods over the weekend.

Okay, I will admit that some of them aren't that bad. These decals from artist PopWall could be cute in the right space ( a day spa or preschool):

Except this one. This one is really beyond words:

I rest my case.

*Pooh photo via this hilarious site.

PS. Last night, my husband informed me that my last post makes me look like a pot head. I'm sure my references to Kid Rock and Lord of the Rings aren't helping me any but, just to clarify, I am not a pot head. I really was looking for stained glass. :)


  1. The Auburn football helmet mural is surreal-looking--reminds me of Dali. Glad to know you're not a pothead!

  2. Awww. I like the Auburn helmet... :)